Monday, 17 June 2013

A Brief Introduction

Hello Guys and Girls and Welcome to my blog, Dan's Kitchen.

A little about me;
I'm Dan, I'm from Nottingham and I adore cooking. I love being creative with it and there's nothing like the joy you get from making the tummies of your nearest and dearest happy, not to mention everyone else being green with envy!

My main focuses for every meal are that they are healthy, delicious and affordable, I'm not flush with cash like most TV chefs, I'm an Everyman like you.

But I want your input too;
What works with what?
What would you like to try?
Is there something you just can't get right?
Leave comments and questions and let's get a conversation going!

I hope you enjoy reading through the experiences here, and maybe pick up a few recipes on the way too!

More to come soon,



  1. Heres a cheeky little fave I love.....
    Need: chicken breast
    Cajun pepper(the red sprinkly stuff found in pots with all the herbs n spices in the rack
    Cheese (any will do)
    Freshly baked baguette (I get those half baked ones u finish in the oven for warm soft yumminess)
    Caesar dressing
    A drop of oil

    Heres how easy it is....

    1.Pour a little oil all over raw chicken breast and dip the oily chicken into the cajun pepper coating it evenly allover.
    2. Oven cook the covered breast on a tray at about 200degrees til cooked (only just...dont cremate it)
    3. Take out of oven and slice into fairly thick slices before putting back on to baking tray
    4. Grate loadsa cheese on top and put back into oven til lightly melted
    5.slice baguette the same way you would a hotdog and butter if you so wish
    6.empty your cajun chicken and cheese mix into baguette and drizzle with caesar dressing

    (The coolness of caesar dressing and cheese will be offset by the kick of the wont be spicey...just warm n yummy)

    Love del

    1. Ooooh love it Adele! And so easy to personalise and enjoy!
      You've got your Cajun recipe, you could also try grilling the chicken, use a little Parmesan, lettuce and the same dressing for a Caesar Salad style baguette etc.

      I love cooking my sandwich style snacks though, great quick meals!


  2. Can you post the prawn balti recipe from instagram plz :)

    1. Definitely! That was SO delicious! :)


  3. Hey Dan, great page! For someone who hasn't got the years of experience in a restaurant as many others brag about, this all looks pretty damn tasty - will definitely have to try the spaghetti bolognese soon!

    Just something I'd like to see if you had the chance - Maybe rather than 1 recipe here and there, how about a £20 3 course meal for 2 menu? Something like that would go down an absolute treat! And also some dessert recipes would always be good.

    Anyways, great page and looking forward to the next input!


    1. Definitely mate, I really have been a little light on desserts but actually have one lined up for tomorrow night!
      Boy, are you in for a treat!