Thursday, 4 July 2013

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings are wonderfully easy and, for me, one the must haves in a freezer. I've picked up a box of 12 free range chicken wings for LESS than £2. You can get them in the oven with a little salt and pepper and cook them within an hour for unexpected guests or, as I prefer, let them defrost and give them an entire day (whilst I'm at work!) to sit and soak up a marinade. It really is incredibly variable, you can use citrus fruits, go full on with garlic and chilli, the possibilities are truly endless! Above are a few of my previous experimentations that you can check out at my Instagram profile, but tonight's marinade is a real knockout!

Prep time 10mins Cooking Time 40mins
Serves 2, or one hungry monster!
Box of Chicken Wings
200ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100ml Worcestershire Sauce
100ml Soy Sauce
5 tablespoons of honey
5 chopped spring onions
Enough paprika and cayenne pepper to dust all of the chicken wings

Easy enough this, really simple and practically zero prep time!
Mix your wet ingredients and your chopped spring onions together in a mixing bowl, and taste. This should be quite a deep flavour from the soy, fresh from the spring onions and quite sweet from the honey but they should balance quite nicely. Now pour onto the wings whilst they're still in the box. Saves on washing up for you too! Once they're sat soaking up the juices simply dust all over with your paprika and cayenne.

Leave them all day. Think of them as little meaty sponges!

When you get back they should have gone a slightly darker tone, after soaking up a little soy.
Now's where we get our hands dirty! Get your oven on at 200c, and place your wings onto a baking tray, make sure they're skin side up and evenly spread around the tray. Now pour that liquid gold from the box all over them. Get them in the oven uncovered for 40 minutes. REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS RIGHT AWAY!

Once they're done, and you open the oven, the incredible smell will just explode out into your kitchen, and if you don't have people pawing at you within 5 seconds then something's wrong with your family and friends!

Thanks again for reading guys, please leave your OWN recipes below and let me know how yours all work out!