Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Minted Lamb Burger Ciabattas with Tzatziki and Rocket Salad

One of my barbecue favourites here, not only really easy to do, but an easier and much healthier alternative to the regular cheeseburger that most people often plump for.

2 Lamb Steaks, Burgers or 500g Lamb Mince
A Ciabatta Roll
Rocket Salad
Olive Oil
Tzatziki, Sour Cream or Mayonnaise
Fresh Spring Onions and Cucumbers

Start off by popping your oven onto it's grill setting and heating up that oven, you can also barbecue the burgers and they work just as well, if not better! We now look at the bread of choice:
the Ciabatta.
In comparison to the the regular white bap (per 100g), the ciabatta has 10% less calories, a sixth less carbohydrates, almost half of the sugar and more than twice as much fibre.
When your burgers are almost done, slice this in half lengthways and drizzle with a little olive oil, give these two minutes under the grill, these will add a fantastic crunch!

Once these have been grilled and are lightly toasted, slap a few tablespoons of tzatziki onto the top side of the ciabatta and a big handful of rocket on the bottom. Tzatziki is a greek sauce that is yoghurt with cucumber, garlic and herbs. This really compliments roasted or cooked meat in this style. It has about double the calories of just ketchup, but only 10% of the sugar. Admittedly a lot more fatty, but with tzatziki you won't need any cheese! If you're using sour cream or mayonnaise, throw some chopped spring onions, cucumbers or any fresh vegetables in and mix.

Get your cooked lamb burgers and pop them in the ciabattas with a little fresh mint. Lamb is a little lower in calories, lower in fat, and higher in fibre. All in all, much healthier. I find that when I eat this I don't feel as sluggish as I may do when I eat beef, but it's great for your own cooking experience to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Let me know what you try!


  1. So, you didn't really do anything yourself here then?

    P.S. Flat breads are better for you

    1. Haha no not really, the main point of this was to show that there are healthier alternatives (that are no more expensive and just as easy) to barbecue staples like the default beefburger, and that they're right next to them on the shelf!

      A good list of ingredients for homemade lamb burgers would be:
      600g Lamb Mince
      An onion
      Fresh Mint
      A red chilli
      Ground coriander seeds
      Two cloves of garlic
      Salt and Pepper

      These mixed by hand together would make a great burger patty mix!
      Have a great day!