Saturday, 3 August 2013

Riverside Festival

This weekend was the time of year for the Riverside Festival here in Nottingham.
It's a huge culture fair with masses of music, free activities, fairground rides, sports activities, as well as food stalls. It's all based along the River Trent, that runs through the city, and if the weather holds up (which it least for a few hours), it's great for a family day out! This was entirely the intent for me and my friends, Becky and Holly.

We met in the early afternoon and had a look around at what was on offer. As well there being some fantastic acoustic acts, there was also heaps of funk that certainly imitated the positive atmosphere of everything around.

But quite frankly, my focus was on hunting out the best little food stalls!

Becky insisted on finding THE most perfect chips. Unfortunately Heston Blumenthal's Triple Cooked wonders were not on sale so she had to settle for a classic cone with salt, vinegar and plenty of ketchup! As well as tucking into a tray of noodles AND a pot of mushy peas (with so much mint sauce you could barely see the peas!), it was my turn to find THE best stand. Here are my Top Three:

At three, was a fantastic little Greek Food Stand, that had Chicken Skewers, Wraps, Feta Salads and even Baklava on sale!

At two was a stall right next to it, Goose Fat Roast Potatoes. The smell was just intoxicating. To be honest, these are far tastier than the chips. I think Becky should have gone for these!

But at Number One, EXACTLY what I was looking for. Tender lamb, a handful of fresh salad and herbs, a huge dollop of mint yoghurt, all bound in a wrap.
This was the production of the MemSaab stand, one of Nottingham's Best Indian Restaurants. I can assure you, I'll be going there again soon!

On our way out, and after many hours of adventuring, we managed to stumble upon a fantastic and varied herb stall, selling things from Chard, Lovage (Yes, Lovage.), Wormroot, Pineapple Mint and more! And wouldn't you know it there was even a herb named after me!
A fantastic day though, and I'd encourage anybody to venture down to your own local fairs, because you never know WHAT you might find!



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    1. Thanks :) Really glad you enjoyed it, we'll have to go to something similar soon!