Sunday, 11 August 2013

My Mum's Birthday!

So last night was my Mum's 50th Birthday Bash! We had heaps of the family over including my Grandparents who I haven't seen for far too long. Both of them have been very ill, battling cancer, over the past few years so it was great seeing them, AND with them looking and being so healthy. It's amazing what the health service, and a lot of fighting, has done to help.

She's always strived to be the hostess with the mostest, and boy did she achieve it, not only did a party of seven of us have heaps of quality hot and cold grub ALL NIGHT but we were tanked up with booze for the entire night too! Honestly, I felt like I was gonna pop.

I can see why so many people invite me to parties, and always ask me to cook now.... hmm.....

Not only in addition to the shop bought quiches, sausage rolls, salads and pizzas, we had homemade barbecue chicken wings, sweet chilli chicken thighs, samosas, onion bhajis, spicy lamb koftas (one of my favourites) AND more!

So by this point, we were all getting pretty full, but once again my mum strived to provide. Homemade breads, pictured are some garlic and parmesan twists and a sun-ripened tomato ciabatta, AND seasoned pepper steaks.
My eyes have never felt so big, and my stomach so small for as long as I can remember!

By now I was pretty much defeated.
My brain overwhelmed.
My appetite satisfied.
My arteries whimpering.

"Desserts anyone?"

I didn't know whether to jump for joy or sit and cry. Served up was:

Lemon Pie with Fresh Raspberries,
Toffee and Pecan Nut Roulade,
AND Profiteroles with Chocolate Dipping Sauce.

Looking back it, I don't know how I struggled, but I promise you that I did, and I have an often insatiable appetite.

It was a fantastic night though, it's nice to put your feet up occasionally and "let" someone else do the cooking. I've always envied her hostessing skills, but I don't envy the amount of washing up!
Hope you're all having a great weekend, let me know if you've had any parties and what your faves on the menu were! If there is anything here you'd like to see remember to suggest it to me!