Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hunter's Chicken

Here's a dish I actually find it hard to believe myself that I've never made, yet on reflection it's one of the easiest! It's a pub grub classic and it uses ONLY FOUR ingredients, three of which are probably in your fridge right now! A great lazy meal to do on a budget, money-wise and time-wise. It's also a perfect recipe to have ready for the upcoming autumn and winter, especially with September ALREADY upon us!

1 Chicken Breast per person
1 Rasher of Bacon per person
100g Mature Cheddar
Hunter's Chicken Sauce

(This sauce is sweet, smoky, tangy and spicy. If you make your own, think of it as a marinade that uses sauces like barbecue, worcestershire and tomato. Just keep trying and see what works!)

Put your oven on at 200c, on get a large pan on a medium high heat with a little oil. All we want to do at this point is gently cook and bronze the chicken, it's going to be getting some serious cooking time later on! Just make sure that the surface is white, cooked and firm.
Wrap each breast in a lovely rasher of bacon, or as much to cover it all over.

Place these in an ovenproof dish and make sure that the ends of the bacon are underneath, this way they won't unravel whilst cooking! Pour your sauce evenly onto these meaty little beauties and absolutely COVER in cheese! Bake this in the oven for around 35 minutes.

Two types of meat, cheese AND a barbecue sauce. All is good in the world!

Serve each breast wrapped in it's bacon with a little of the baked cheese and a side of either salad or chips. I pour all over the leftover sauce into a little serving jug and bring that to the table too!

Happy September Guys, I'm glad to get back to regular blogging! I've had a few days off but assure you there's plenty more to come!



  1. That looks just yummy. Very comforting and hearty as we head into Autumn. This would go down well with my kids too I would think!

    1. It really would, and it's so fun and easy to make. Just make sure the kids wash their little fingers!