Monday, 2 September 2013

Spiced Cumin Lamb and Onion Pittas

I'm a great believer in waste-not-want-not. I also love breathing new life into the conventional. Everyone in their fridge or freezers would have burgers or mince, and as I've done before in my Minted Lamb Burger Ciabatta blog, it's better, I find, to try something new instead of just whacking a boring old bun on it!

Lamb Mince or Burgers
Pitta Breads
Cumin Seeds
Organic Yoghurt
Mint Sauce

This is a great and exciting street food and certainly tastes far better than the conventional burger.

Put a small frying pan on a medium high heat with about a level teapsoon of cumin seeds, and no oil. Simply starting by chunking up your burgers or mince into little bitesize pieces, and throwing these into the toasting cumin seeds. We haven't used any oil as the juice and fat from the meat will add all the moisture that we want. The cumin gives the meat these great heat and earthiness.

It suits lamb so much!

Add your finely chopped onions once the meat has started to brown, and turn the pan down to a medium heat. The outside of the chunks will now be nice and firm on the outiside, the inside will be juicy and the onions won't burn either! Toss these generously and mix together.

To make your own mint yoghurt, as featured, add one teaspoon of mint sauce per each two tablespoons of organic yoghurt, but of course tweak this to your own taste!
Serve this up with your oven baked pittas and tuck in!

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