Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Steak and Mozzarella Calzone

A revisit to the easy modern classic! Definitely check out my Chilli and Garlic Steak Calzone because it's beautiful! All we need for this is:

3 cups of flour
A tablespoon of yeast
Olive Oil
Basil and Onions
200g of Chestnut Mushrooms
600g of Steak Mince
150g Mozzarella

480 calories per serving
45 minutes prep time
30 mins cooking time

Start of easily enough by adding your yeast to 1 1/4 cups of hot water. Once the yeast start to activate you'll smell that lovely beer-y bread-y smell! Nom nom nom! Once the yeast sink to the bottom, add the rest of your flour, two tablespoons of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Knead this all together on a well floured flat surface. If it isn't quite binding together add a little more flour until it's that dough-y texture that we're all familiar with. Roll this into a ball and pop into a bowl, covered with cling film and allow this to double in size.
Have faith. It will! It's magic!

Once it has doubled in size, turn your oven on at 200c and get a pan on a medium high heat. Put your mince into the pan with a little oil and brown this all over.
Add chopped onions, mushrooms and a big old squeeze of ketchup. The ketchup is perfect for this because it's not only a heavily concentrated tomato and vinegar taste, but the sugar will allow the meat to caramelize. BEAUTIFUL!

Roll your dough out until it's around 5mm thick with a well floured rolling pin. Lay this into a large baking tray with half of it out of the tray. Lay in ALL of your meat, top with sliced mozzarella and fresh basil. This is going to melt and perfume the meat whilst it bakes.
Fold the remaining dough over and fold in at the ages like a giant pasty.

Pop this into an oven for around 30 minutes.

Once this goes brown and gnarly it's ready for you! Slice this into quarters (if you're very hungry) and serve this up with either chips or a salad.

But most importantly, make sure to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Thanks again for your great feedback and ideas guys, I'm really enjoying getting these blogs up and getting your opinions!